PARADOX RIFT's Genre-Bending Extreme Metal New Album “Ensnared” Out Now!

Paradox Rift, from Cleveland, USA is aiming to melt people’s faces with their new album “Ensnared”. Being unleashed on May 10th, 2024, the full-length blends elements across the metal spectrum, it’s a versatile sonic beast that will transport its listeners to a completely different dimension. The band comments:

“We are truly beyond words on how stoked we are to finally be able to share ‘Ensnared’ with the world. This is our very first full-length album. We have put a lot of ourselves into this project and to finally see our efforts come to fruition is beyond exciting. Our hope in this new release is to bring multiple styles of metal together and create our own “new” sound and style.”

Beneath the veil of mysticism and intrigue, listeners are lured into a mesmerizing and curious dimension... then, violently transported into sweeping hallucinations of horror and despair. This versatile album is heavy, technical, spastic and style-bending. Transcending the high energy and sheer violence at unforeseen times as the dynamic music traverses through new ideas… and even encroaches on to more of an ethereal sound and atmosphere.

“Ensnared” has something for everyone whether it’s death, tech, groove, or beyond. Paradox Rift hopes that, after listening to the full album, people have an understanding of what they can bring to the world of extreme music. They are recommended for fans of Gojira, Lamb of God, and Converge.

Listen to “Ensnared” in full via its streaming premiere on TheProgSpace.

"Ensnared" is due out on May 10, 2024, and is available for order at

Track Listing:​

1. Dismembered by Dogs (4:29) 
2. Ensnared (3:15) 
3. Prophet of Grievances (1:18) 
4. Doomsayer (4:06) 
5. Sporous (3:10) 
6. Loathsome (4:42) 
7. Disfluency (4:09) 
8. Grave-Snuggler (2:22) 
9. Lantern (1:47) 
10. The Sky Beneath (3:29) 
11. Feral Soul (4:12)