OceanWitherer Unveils New Single "Absence Whispers"

Emerging from the depths of despair, OceanWitherer unleashes their new single, "Absence Whispers" the first act of their upcoming EP, "Pillars of the Anguish Cycle".

The track is an ever changing soundscape that weaves reverb-drenched, intimate and nostalgic verses with Thall-inspired breakdowns. Emotional choruses that contrast with the aggressive and smashing weight of the riffs. "Absence Whispers" is an exploration of existential angst, a portrait of the existential pains and afflictions that scream in the head of a person tortured by anguish and anxiety. The production was handled by the band members to maintain the honesty of the original feeling, but the song was mixed and mastered in Gravitas Audio to add the modern and edgy sound of Thall productions.

Bloomed from a shared sense of loneliness and loss, OceanWitherer aims to create a safe space for those who find solace in shared woes and darkness. Their music confronts raw emotions, offering a space for listeners to confront their own struggles.

Hailing from Argentina, OceanWitherer formed in 2022, driven by the urgent need to express the clawing anxieties and anguish at their souls. Their sound nourishes several influences. The popish toplines and choruses of emo music, the slowed and reverb to perfection drowning bridges from modern ambient music, and the crushing sounding breakdowns and riffs of Thall, Metalcore and Djent. All of them are bound by the emotion the band aims to transmit.

Dive into the mourning abyss with "Absence Whispers", available now on all streaming platforms.