DREAM DROP Releases Their New Single 'So What If I...' Together With THOSE WITHOUT

Alternative metal band based in Gothenburg Dream Drop, has truly come out on top since the live scene made a comeback after the pandemic restrictions. They opened three shows for Blood Command in Copenhagen, Helsinki and Stockholm and just got back from a long period of touring together with Smash Into Pieces and STARSET. With a constant presence on social media, and a close contact with their own community, the band shows a clear creative thinking that is required to get the attention of the outside world.

December 8th Dream Drop released their album 'ACNE SUPERSTAR' including songs like 'Nudes' and 'Bomb Your Place Of Work. Now, they're teaming up with 'Those Without' to release their latest track, 'So What If I...'. However this isn't the two bands first collaboration; they previously worked together on the hit 'Rose-Colored Kaleidoscope' released last year.

Get the single: https://orcd.co/sowhatifi