DEVITALIZED Deliver Chaos and Destruction on Debut Record 'State Of Aggression'

Massachusetts multi-genre metal outfit Devitalized have released their highly anticipated debut studio record State Of Aggression on Friday, May 17th.

State Of Aggression is an unrelenting fusion of deathcore and hardcore, filled to the brim with mosh-inducing breakdowns and demonic vocal gymnastics. It features a compact 8 tracks, including hit singles “Welcome Back” and “Godslayer,” the latter of which boasts a feature from deathcore heavyweight Tom Barber of Chelsea Grin/Darko US fame. With the release, fans are also treated to an official music video for “Flesh Pit,” which can be found on the band’s YouTube channel. Trigger warning: the violent nature of the instrumentation is matched by the violent nature of the video.

Vocalist John-Paul Ratta describes the emotional relief that comes along with this album finally being in a place to release. “State of Aggression is an album I’ve been writing in my notes app for three years. When we finally came together to make this, I felt the weight off my chest. I realized no matter what struggles I had to deal with, I can get back up and be better, and I finally get to do it with the dudes I love!”

Discussing the style of the album, bassist Tommy Jones Jr. says, “Overall, what I like about State Of Aggression is that it’s not quite considered deathcore, nor hardcore, nor metalcore. It’s just everything, all the time, and that’s what I think Devitalized will be known for.” Guitarist Dawson Medeiros adds, “State Of Aggression is a demonstration of what we’re capable of as a group. We got into a room, locked in and wrote a killer album.”

Devitalized will be celebrating the release of State Of Aggression by co-headlining Hardcore In The Heat at the Worcester Palladium on June 7th, alongside Nailed Shut, Slamwich, In Shallows, and No Allegiance. Tickets are available now!

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1. Welcome Back 
2. Deep Cuts 
3. Karma Sutra
4. Godslayer (Feat. Tom Barber)
5. State Of Aggression
6. X_X
7. Flesh Pit
8. The End