DANCE GAVIN DANCE Drop Two Brand New Singles "Straight From The Heart" & "Speed Demon"

Inimitable, chart-topping, progressive post-hardcore geniuses, Dance Gavin Dance have kicked off a new era today with the release of not one, but two new singles - "Straight From The Heart " and "Speed Demon". Both singles run back-to-back to soundtrack the epic music video accompanying the release, which can be viewed below!

Speaking on the dawning of this new era of Dance Gavin Dance, vocalist/guitarist Andrew Wells shares: “Dance Gavin Dance has seen the highest peaks and the lowest valleys and has persevered to deliver enigmatic and unreplicable music for nearly 19 years. The core of the band has always been at the head, with Will, Matt, and Jon making the art that they want to make, without exception. This new era of DGD provides an opportunity to break fresh ground in experimentation and collaboration while keeping the band's spirit thriving better than ever. Our latest singles, “Straight From The Heart” and “Speed Demon,” encapsulate the full-throttle, no-holds-barred attitude the band’s current lineup embodies. “

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