Japanese rockers Crossfaith have shared the video for their futuristic and post-apocalyptic new single "God Speed" (Feat. WARGASM). Both the audio and visual are frenetic so strap yourself in and sit sidecar for this metal x industrial musical thrill ride!

"This song is based on the concept of simply living in obedience to one's desires" the band states "It expresses the attitude we should not lose in this restricted and monitored society. This song features WARGASM, a duo with distinctive and iconic voices, and their contribution adds an erotic and dirty vibes to this track".

Indeed, the addition of WARGASM lends more vocal layers and a wild, almost frantic intensity. The song will leave your clutching your chest and breathless, trying to recover. But once the final note fades out, you will smash the replay button and do it all over again! It's that exhilarating.

The song appears on Crossfaith's recently announced album AЯK, which arrives on June 26 via UNFD and Warner Music Japan, and marks the band's first album in six years.

It is a welcome return for the band - after adjusting the global pandemic and a band hiatus, as well a membership change - and serves as quite a milestone. The album's title AЯK is a message of saying goodbye to the past and hello to a new beginning, and their fresh sound and perspective is reflected in the new material.

Crossfaith previously shared the visualizer for the brand new single "L.A.M.N" (Feat. Bobby Wolfgang). Additionally, the band recently announced Daiki Koide as its new guitarist. The AЯK era kicks off now. There is more - plenty more - to come.

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