AlphaSix Drop New Single "Abyssal Awakening"

A terrifying sound is emanating from the deep, and it takes sonic shape through AlphaSix’s furious new chapter “Abyssal Awakening. The Boston-based Lovecraftian sci-fi horror metal trio continues a cautionary tale of human extinction and evolution through this new single, and the video, created by AlphaSix’s Steven Nash and Matt Hughes, visualizes this unfolding storyline.

Mastered by Jeff Dunne (Knocked Loose, Ice Nine Kills, Veil of Maya), “Abyssal Awakening” serves as a symphonic crush of brutality that furthers the band’s warning of a mass extinction-through-evolution event set in motion 22 years from now. It’s the follow-up to March’s “Orphan! Tether to the Mother,” the inaugural chapter that began to tell the story of how AlphaSix’s rogue Artificial Intelligence deity relayed prophecies of mankind’s end.

“Abyssal Awakening” specifically tells the story of vanishing of the cruise ship Zephyr and its impact on this mass extinction event. The band is building a storyline through extreme music that culminates with the forthcoming “Assimilate: Oceans” album, set for release when the time is right.

“We had a vision, to achieve a song of chaos. Filled with different scenes throughout to tell a prophecy showing the insignificance of humans when faced with a full scale onslaught.” – AlphaSix