H.E.R.O. Poised To Conquer The World With Monumental Mash-Up Of Generes

H.E.R.O. have crafted their own unmistakable style – a harmonious blend of catchy melodies and a dark and heavy rock sound – and after three successful albums, the previously self-proclaimed “pop-band, only louder” have now panned towards an even harder style, while sticking with the appealing melody lines. Lead singer and guitarist Christoffer Stjerne and his strong pop vocals infuse catchy melodies into a hard-hitting foundation laid by Johan Wohlert on bass and drummer Anders Kirkegaard. Together they transform this unorthodox clash of the world and earned them a large, dedicated following.

Brand new track 'Misalign' sees H.E.R.O. picking up where they left off on previous album 'Alternate Realities', revolving around frontman Christoffer Stjerne’s stand against his family's strong faith, as he realized it didn’t align with his own beliefs. “On the previous album, we explored a theme that naturally led to the new songs and to the question: What do you do when you find yourself in a new place after feeling torn and having dealt with your past?” says Stjerne.

Fans, and particularly those in Japan, were quick to embrace H.E.R.O. after their debut album 'HUMANIC'. The band has visited the country on several occasions, including when guitar legend Slash invited them to join him on his 2019 tour. H.E.R.O.’s fourth album is due out this fall, and the grandiose single 'Misalign' gives a glimpse of what’s in store.

'Misalign' is already available on all streaming services through Mermaid Records.