GrayWeather Release EP and Single feat. Spiritbox’s Courtney LaPlante

Today, GrayWeather release their debut EP “The Soma Collective” alongside lead single “Parasite” ft. Courtney Laplante. Dealing with a mix of relatable emotions and situations, “The Soma Collective” is a masterfully designed record.

“The song and music video for ‘Parasite’ are both rooted in the same theme and concept. A moral quandary wherein two qualities are weighed against one another; selfishness and potential solipsism contrasted with the need for support and comfort while traversing difficulty in life. The guilt that one can feel in reaching out and asking for help from others, even when desperately needed, is a powerful feeling. Where do the lines blur between asking for help when it is truly required and placing the full weight of our burdens on others? We can often be our own worst enemy as we suffer in silence, attempting to pull ourselves out of a hole that we have dug for ourselves. These situations can be harmful to the individual going through them as well as to those around them, even when the intentions behind hiding our difficulties come from a place of selflessness. We begin to feel accustomed to the density of our burdens and fall into a trancelike existence, unfeeling and desensitized. It is only by breaking through the chosen silence that we can begin to move forward and be restored.” - GrayWeather

The name GrayWeather is a memory. Derived from “Astoria, Oregon (Gray Weather)”, the opening track from guitarist and songwriter Jared Michael’s former band, “Of Confidence”. Written in the town it was named for, the experience was often talked about as a fond memory by friend & bandmate, Molly Woolsey. Molly tragically passed in 2016, due to the struggles she faced in transitioning genders. Jared named the band GrayWeather as a dedication to her. A way to keep the memory of Molly alive and with him as he continued the musical journey they once walked together.

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