EIDOLA Release New Album "Eviscerate" Today On Blue Swan / Rise Records | Watch New Video For "Fistful Of Hornets"

EIDOLA, the enigmatic existential rock band have released their new album "Eviscerate" today via Blue Swan/Rise Records.

The third and final single of Eidola’s new album Eviscerate is a 2 and a half minute whirlwind of fast, dissonant guitar licks, blisteringly heavy drums, and emotionally charged layered vocals from Andrew Wells and Matt Dommer. The chaotically urgent anxiety of "Fistful Of Hornets" can be summed up in the song’s lyrics, “Do you ever wander aimlessly through life? Meandering through the pointlessness of existence? Feeling like the weight of the world could crush you at any moment and like nothing you ever do even matters?"

Seeking to explore new territory with an ambitious follow-up to their critically acclaimed album 'The Architect', the dynamically heavy and deeply sorrowful Eviscerate paves eclectically violent sonic ground while remaining true to the band’s profound lyricism and meaning. If you could sum up Eidola’s genre-annihilating decade of creating music it might be insightful, explorative, deeply emotional, extremely dynamic post-hardcore. Eviscerate underlines the urgency of the human condition and captures the depth of sorrow, loss, and hatred in modernity.

Eidola brought Mike Sahm on as the producer for their 13 song album. “We spent our downtime completely immersed in our desire to push our own limitations” says Wells. “We wanted to take the concepts of this project and double down on the things we felt were most ambitious and exploratory. While keeping our core sound, we chose to experiment with a new producer, 7 string guitars, deep drop tunings, and lean into the violence and loss in our lyrical content.”

The exploration is apparent on the band’s 5th full-length release. Their traditionally discussed concepts of wrestling with faith, psychology, human history, and hope are deeply entrenched in newly delved territory of loss, grief, hatred, despair, and coping with absolute abysmal chaos. Eidola seeks to evoke substance in every chord, and depth in every lyric and begs the listener to question the foundations of their very own reality. The enigmatic post-hardcore band shows no signs of slowing as they showcase their lust for the dynamics of the human experience on Eviscerate.

Get the album: https://blueswan.lnk.to/Eviscerate

"Eviscerate" tracklisting:

1. Atman- An Introduction To Suffering 
2. A Bridge Of Iron And Blood 
3. No Weapon Formed Shall Prosper 
4. Who Of You Will Persevere 
5. The Weight Of Sin 
6. He Who Pulls The Strings Ties A Knot 
7. Fistful Of Hornets 
8. God Takes Away Everything 
9. Ziggurat 
10. Ashes In Gehinnom 
11. Golgotha Compendium- Fith Temple 
12. Kali Yuga 
13. Ecclesiastes- The Burden Of Wisdom