SEPULTURA Announce New Drummer, Eloy In SLIPKNOT?

Brazilian metal legends Sepultura have announced a new drummer. This is Long Island, New York-based Greyson Nekrutman, named one of the nation's “top-performing high school jazz musicians” by the National Association for Music Education. Greyson will now take over the drumsticks on the Celebrating Life Through Death tour for the next 18 months, following Eloy Casagrande's recent decision to leave the band. The first shows start on March 1.

Read below the statement from the band. 

What is really interesting in this statement is this line: "Eloy Casagrande's departure to pursue a career in another project". What this project could be? A lot of speculation was made that he will be the next drummer for Slipknot and this kinda makes sense. 

YouTuber and excellent drummer El Estepario Siberiano just posted a video about this and to us, this makes a lot of sense. Time will tell.