OMNIVIDE Confronts The Destructive Tendencies Of Humanity With Brutal “Opulence”

Moncton, Canada’s Omnivide is a dynamic metal force formed in 2020 by members of the Sunbird project, and they are gearing up for the release of their debut album, “A Tale of Fire”, scheduled for March 2024. Breaking away from paying homage to others to enter the realm of original music, Omnivide fuses progressive metal, death metal, and melodic/symphonic metal into a grandiose, brutal, beautiful, dark, and melancholic sonic experience. Their latest single “Opulence” comes with a band playthrough video and is sure to draw in metal fans with a wide range of backgrounds. The band comments:

“This song is one of the most in-your-face and brutal on the album, having much less of the orchestral elements present throughout most of the songs, as we wanted to have a song that stood in contrast to the rest of the album and provided variety in the pacing and sonic content of the tracks.”

The relentless energy of the music matches the lyrical content, which describes how humans came from the earth but are now polluting it and over-consuming its resources to the point of changing the global climate. It paints a metaphor of humans being gluttons that are taking pieces of the earth for themselves with no self-control or regard for the planet, and the earth shifting from being a fertile ground for human life to actively trying to eradicate a species that has essentially become a parasite.

Omnivide’s goal is to have their music illustrate the brutality and destructive power of nature, which can and will defend itself when threatened, and does so in a ruthless manner that is almost incomprehensible to our human minds. “Opulence” serves as a prime example of their musical diversity, with its relentless energy and thought-provoking lyrics. It is recommended for fans of The Black Dahlia Murder, Opeth, and Alkaloid.

Watch and listen to the band playthrough video for “Opulence” below!

Due out on March 22, 2024, “A Tale of Fire” is available for album pre-save at

Track Listing:​

1. Clarity – 6:44 
2. Opulence – 4.48 
3. Desolate – 7:35 
4. A Tale of Fire – 5:05 
5. Cosmic Convergence – 5:04 
6. Holy Killer – 5:06 
7. Death Be Not Proud – 6:32 
8. Stoned Dragon – 7:45