FROM FALL TO SPRING Release Brand New Single 2CAST AWAY", Rise Tour 2024

From Fall to Spring unveils their first single since the release of their chart-topping debut album, which has amassed over 20 million streams.

'CAST AWAY' serves as a testament to their status as one of Europe's most promising bands, establishing new international benchmarks with their distinctive sound. This groundbreaking fusion of metal, rock, and rap, combined with sophisticated video production, culminates in a riveting audiovisual spectacle. This achievement heralds the successful inauguration of a fresh series of singles from From Fall to Spring.

The dynamic interplay of profound guitar riffs and intense double-time raps creates a relentless tempo, immersing the listener in a captivating narrative of frustration, self-doubt, and the quest for redemption.

Get their new single 'CAST AWAY' now and watch the music video below!

Catch From Fall to Spring live on the following dates:

»From Fall to Spring Rise Tour 2024«

Presented by Contra Promotion

Special guests: Alleviate, Lostzone

11.04. Berlin, Privatclub 
12.04. Hamburg, Bahnhof Pauli 
13.04. Köln, Club Volta 
14.04. Oberhausen, Kulttempel 
18.04. Stuttgart, Im Wizemann 
19.04. Trier, Mergener Hof 
20.04. Leipzig, Moritzbastei


»Festivals & Conventions«

04.05. Freiburg, Horror Con 
29.06. Feuchtwangen, Moos Meadow Festival 
20.07. Leipzig, Nexo Nerd Expo 
27.07. Goldenstedt, Afdreiht und Buten

From Fall to Spring, emerging talents from the southwest of Germany, have wholeheartedly embraced the genre of melodic new metal. Their journey began with two self-produced EPs, "A Better Tomorrow" (2017) and "Disconnected" (2019), which propelled them to an impressive start, breaking the one million clicks milestone on popular streaming platforms by 2020. The single 'Supernova' marked their first foray into international recognition, stirring considerable interest abroad. Alongside their debut album, RISE, they have collectively amassed over 20 million streams across their discography, attesting to their rapidly growing popularity and the compelling appeal of their music.

Given these remarkable achievements, it's no surprise that the music industry swiftly took notice of From Fall To Spring, leading to their subsequent signing with Arising Empire—one of Germany's premier rock and metal labels. This partnership gave rise to five singles, each accompanied by its own music video, significantly boosting the visibility of From Fall To Spring's social media presence. The band, comprising twin brothers Philip and Lukas Wilhelm (both on vocals), Simon Triem (keyboard), Benedikt Veith (drums), Sebastian Monzel (guitar), and León Arend (bass), has since cultivated a substantial digital following. Their dynamic presence resonates through platforms like TikTok, where they boast over 109,000 followers, and Instagram, with a growing community of more than 31,000 enthusiasts.