FROGG Rebels Against Working To Death w/ New Single "Dandelion" Off Forthcoming Debut Album

FROGG is a modern progressive and experimental technical trio located in the New York metropolitan area, USA. The concept behind the band is simple: create modern heavy music while striving to show off some originality in an often-over-processed genre. They released their debut EP “A Reptilian Dystopia” in 2019 and will have their first full-length this coming Summer 2024.

Having unveiled their first single “Wake Up” this past September, which featured a melange of styles, with the guitar solo section riddled with authentic Afro-Cuban instrumentation to a pop-punk-styled chorus for a more dynamic interpretation. FROGG is now divulging the second preview of their yet-to-be-titled album.

Entitled "Dandelion", the track conveys one of the big messages from their music, to rebel against the structured process of being slowly worked to death. It's smooth, yet technical and ready to take you on an intensive sprint of emotions, but also bring you to a calm retirement.

"Dandelion brings a much darker palette when compared to our previous single Wake Up, and features a lot of fun technical musical moments." adds vocalist/guitarist Sky Moon Clark.

Expressing their artistry in its pure, complicated, and intricate form, FROGG is eager to share this passion with fans around the world. Their main ambition is to hit the live circuit with their perfect performance and brand-new line-up.

They are recommended listening for those who enjoy The Ocean, Animals As Leaders, Periphery, and Between the Buried and Me.

Watch and listen to the video for "Dandelion" below!

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