THE HUMAN VEIL - Share New Single Video "My Own Hell"

Manchester, UK-based Metalcore outfit, The Human Veil storm back into the metal scene with new single ‘my own hell’, a gouging hard hitter to return with after spending over 2 years creating the bands’ next master plan. 

Vocalist Matt Wall explains, “It’s a song about trying to find the light in the darkness, only to realise you’re in way too deep and you’re absolutely fucked”.

The Human Veil wanted to bring their new material to life with unprecedented and untried efforts, so joined forces with a creative director to explode the bands ideas into visual concepts and reality, applied within all their creatives including music videos, artwork, merchandise and branding.

This comes after the band released their debut EP ‘Fractures’ in the midst of the 2020 pandemic, where they began the release campaign in the April and decided to continue with their plans not knowing how long lockdowns would last for, followed by releasing a 2nd EP ‘The Hybrid Era’ towards the back end of the pandemic in 2021.

While The Human Veil were able to release two EPs during the pandemic lockdowns, they didn’t have the opportunity to properly tour or play the songs anywhere on the live circuit, leaving the band feeling burnt out and lost.

Feeling unsure what would be next for the band, the group sat down and discussed what to do and which direction to go in.

Instead of letting burnout take ahold of them, they decided a fresh start with a new outlook, leaving the pandemic in the past, pinpointing the writing styles they most enjoyed from their previous releases was the best way to move forward with The Human Veil.

Between ‘The Hybrid Era’ EP in 2021 and present day, the band spent their time writing a vast catalogue of new material, preparing for long-term activity and consistent release plans.

Matt describes how ‘my own hell’ came to be a key song within their demos and how it came together. “Adam came up with this massive riff that blew our heads off and it just worked perfectly with the creepy, atmospheric stuff I’d been working on.

I wanted it to be haunting. I wanted to make a song that got under your skin and left you feeling hopeless.” The Human Veil have a series of new singles to release in 2024 and a huge demo pile of new creations locked and loaded for their next releases, alongside live plans to accompany all the new works.