SHORES OF NULL - Get Ready To Sail and Perform At 70000TONS OF METAL and more!

Italian melodic death-doom force Shores of Null is set to bring their beauty to the Caribbean sea as they announce they will be performing at this year's 70000TONS OF METAL, the world's biggest heavy metal cruise, which will also mark the band's very first appearance outside of Europe. It will be intimate, powerful, and cathartic.

70000TONS OF METAL is part of the Shores of Null’s tour plans for 2024, which also features performances at the most renowned metal festivals in Europe including Hellfest (France), Rock Imperium (Spain), and more to be announced. The band will be promoting their latest acclaimed fourth record “The Loss of Beauty” (Spikerot Records) mentioned among the best metal records of 2023 by fans and media outlets all across the world (Metal Hammer, Angry Metal Guy among others).

In addition, Shores Of Null will take the opportunity to perform at 70000TONS OF METAL their iconic 38-minute long track “Beyond The Shores (On Death And Dying)” in its entirety: a blend of funeral doom, gothic atmospheres and emotional lyricism, which perfectly summarizes the skills of the Italian quintet.

“We can’t wait to embark on such a unique festival experience and be in so close contact with all the fans and the festival attendees. For us, it’s a dream come true to bring our music to the States, and we will do our best to please the audience with our two different sets”. adds bassist Matteo Capozucca

Shores of Null stand out with their ability to blend seemingly disparate elements into their sound, overwhelmingly heavy and soothing at the same time: blackened aggression stands alongside gothic-doom sections without either sounding out of place.

Music Video - The Last Flower -

Music Video - Darkness Won't Take Me -​

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Track Listing:​

1. Transitory - 1:20 
2. Destination Woe - 4:52 
3. The Last Flower - 4:59 
4. Darkness Won't Take Me - 4:14 
5. Nothing Left To Burn - 4:55 
6. Old Scars - 4:23 
7. The First Son - 2:17 
8. A Nature In Disguise - 6:26 
9. My Darkest Years - 4:56 
10. Fading As One - 5:19 
11. A New Death Is Born - 4:54 
Album Length: 48:40 
Bonus Tracks (CD and digital only) 
12. Underwater Oddity - 4:18 
13. Blazing Sunlight - 1:57