PRYMA Share New Single Video "Dead To Me"

Canterbury, Southern England-based Modern Metal outfit, PRYMA has shared a new single and music video "Dead To Me".

The band commented:

Dead to Me is a short, angry, explosive story about people who enter your life and talk nothing but nasty and bitchy stuff about others. This song reflects how fed up I became with people being around me being vile and I've had to put up with it. I like the songs to usually be open to interpretation, so I use a lot of metaphors. Within Dead to me, I highlight that it's a very isolating feeling when you're with a large group of people but you feel totally alone. Trying to explain the feeling of solitude, resentment, submissive, scared and angry into one song proved hard but, I think this song reflects it well. This song really did a good job of digging into my head and what knocks about in there. The main message is, life is very short, surround yourself with people who make you feel good, get rid of the black clouds. This song is a big fuck you.. you know who you are..