GHOST ATLAS Side Project Of ERRA Guitarist Share Video For Single "Panorama Daydream"; New Album "Dust Of The Human Shape" Arrives Today Via UNFD

Ghost Atlas, the melodic alt-rock side project from Jesse Cash of ERRA, have released the new album "Dust of the Human Shape" today via UNFD. Get it here.

Today, the band has shared the video for the latest single, "Panorama Daydream". Watch it below!

It's an intimate clip, with Cash cradling his guitar while seated and the camera zeroing in on his hands as he plays and his face as he sings. It's almost as though he is performing for an audience of one and that's the viewer.

Ghost Atlas is an intensely personal project. Every conceptual part of the music, lyrics, and visuals is an intentional outpouring of Jesse’s mind. The twelve tracks across "Dust of the Human Shape" illustrate the internal world of Jesse's fervor and ideology, while allowing the listener to find their own connective interpretation. The album is a culmination of art and tense human emotions, fuelled by a spectrum of life experiences.

Get the album:


1. Void Voyeur 
2. Panorama Daydream 
3. Lesser Gods 
4. Gaps In The Armoire 
5. Seeker (Stretch The Night) 
6. Riding The Blindside 
7. Tomato Red 
8. Polyphonic Mind 
9. Bedsheet Tourniquet 
10. Dust Of The Human Shape 
11. In The House Of Leaves 
12. Death Confetti