ELITIST - Release New Single Video "Dark"

“Elitist, the acclaimed Los Angeles metalcore outfit, announced their return from hiatus with ‘DARK’. The single features a labyrinth of punishing riffs, berserk drumming, and visceral screams, combining to create a sound that is hauntingly melodic and assaulting.

DARK signifies a brooding new evolution of the band, comprising their pre-hiatus lineup with guitarist Julian Andre, vocalist Chris Balay, drummer Ben Kazenoff, and bassist Brian McGraw. Veteran fans and newcomers alike can expect to hear a familiar calculated chaos that Elitist is known for, but with renewed technicality, ferocity, and misery.

Alongside the new single, Elitist hinted at a full-length album due later in 2024 with live performances to follow. DARK is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Get the single: https://fanlink.to/elitist