CONFINED TO OBLIVION - Pay Homage To Quebec History With Metal Cover Of “Les Étoiles Filantes” (Les Cowboys Fringants)

Originating in Montreal, Canada, Confined To Oblivion emerged onto the music scene in early 2015, drawing inspiration from melodic death and extreme metal genres. Thus far, they have released two EPs and a full-length album all to great reception and now they are taking a step in a different direction to pay homage to Karl Tremblay, a highly influential songwriter in 21st-century Quebec culture with their rendition of the classic “Les Étoiles Filantes”. It’s a wildly fun cover, even for those who don’t speak French. The band comments:

“For this song, we wanted to emphasize the catchy melody of the original by Les Cowboys Fringants. Starting with a tribute to the song, taking liberties by adding a modern breakdown, and concluding with an epic build-up. We tried to bring an epic and heavy version of a classic Quebec song. The same singalong choruses but we added a renewed energy that's perfect for a metal Saint Jean Baptiste party.”

Typically, most of the foundational ideas for Confined To Oblivion’s songs come from the guitarists Yannick Fortin and Simon Chenard. However, for this cover, they made an exception as bassist Antony Lepage had an obsession with this song, and he adapted and recorded it in one day shortly after hearing about the passing of Karl Tremblay. The premise of the song is that life is short, filled with both joyful and sorrowful events, and that, despite it all, we must make the most of the time we have on this earth.

Not only does Confined To Oblivion take this classic song and make it theirs, but they pay attention to the single art and pay tribute to the original, featuring a drawing of a dead fish, but since vocalist, Jean-Charles Carrère is more of a photographer than an illustrator, he decided to buy a fish at the Jean-Talon Market in Montreal for the recreation.

Heavy, melodic, and very catchy “Les Étoiles Filantes” is recommended for anyone interested in Quebec history and fans of In Flames, As I Lay Dying, and The Agonist.

Watch and listen to the video “Les Étoiles Filantes” below!

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