COMASTATIC - Release New Single "Coma"

Alternative Rock duo, Comastatic kick start the year with a brand-new single titled ‘Coma’. Fresh of the back of a breakthrough 2023 which saw them release single’s like ‘Fix It All’ and ‘Toxic Energy’ with the vision of empowering those who are too afraid to raise their own voice, the pair return in a big way with a soul-stirring new anthem called ‘Coma’.

The Zurich, Switzerland based duo took a leap of faith, travelling over 6000 miles to Los Angeles to work on the new single ‘Coma’ with notable producer Jon Lundin (Fever333, Point North)

Singer Mattia Di Paolo shares - “Coma is about realizing that everyone is self centered, making you feel left alone. Everyone is ignoring their feelings until it’s too late. They pretend to care but it’s like talking to deaf ears because when push comes to shove no one is there for you. It’s like being stuck in a perpetual coma. ”

Watch the official lyric video for ‘Coma’ right BELOW!

Formed in 2022 by singer ‘Mattia Di Paolo’ and Guitarist ‘Giuliano “Jules” Luongo’.

Comastatic, encapsulates the feeling of watching the world falling apart being powerless to alter its course. Being caught in a paralyzing equilibrium between existence and inertia, taking listeners into their own realm where chaos meets vulnerability. In 2022 with nothing but a dream, Comastatic created a vision, giving a voice to everyone caught in the motions.

2023 saw the pair release new singles ‘Fix It All’ and ‘Toxic Energy’ which saw the alternative rock rising stars gain notable support at press and radio by the likes of Kerrang! Magazine, Total Rock Radio, Alt Corner, Already Heard, Square One Magazine and much more.