ALLEVIATE - Release New Single "Trying to Survive"

After their successful debut singles 'Die For Me', 'Broken' & 'Better' that gained over 1,6 million plays on Spotify, supergroup ALLEVIATE is finally back with their fourth banger 'Trying to Survive', out now via Arising Empire.

With 'Trying to Survive' the supergroup is delivering a sonic uppercut to the metalcore scene. Known for their powerhouse lineup and innovative sound, Alleviate's new track is a masterclass in genre-defying music, blending ferocious energy with intricate melodies. 'Trying to Survive' stands out not just for its technical prowess but for the raw emotion and intensity it brings, setting a new benchmark for what's possible in metalcore. This release is a clear statement from Alleviate, showcasing their ability to challenge and invigorate the genre with each note.

Watch 'Trying to Survive' below!

Available now

Upon dropping 'Die For Me', ALLEVIATE quickly gained fans from all over the world. Famous internet reactors like Nik Nocturnal and Too Lit Mafia were all about their powerful and catchy sound, as the group combines technical riffs, heavy breakdowns, and catchy hooks that get stuck in your head for hours at a time.

ALLEVIATE stand for strength that's hidden deep inside us all. The band consists of accomplished musicians from five different bands in different genres of metal music. Formed in 2020 with the launch of 'Die For Me', the band combines the best of technical metalcore, deathcore, djent, and post-hardcore in one powerful and beautiful style. Riffs, breakdowns, deathcore vocals, and catchy choruses are how ALLEVIATE stand out from the crowd. The members have proven themselves numerous times in previous and current bands. They've played hundreds of shows and are experienced live performers. As soon as the world returns to normal, they will take the stage as ALLEVIATE. The band's name itself represents what it stands for — giving hope and spreading a positive message into the world.