THE MOOR - Release New Single Video "The Overlord Disease"

Progressive Death Metal outfit The Moor have shared new single 'The Overlord Disease', along with an artistic music video, courtesy of vocalist Enrico “Ukka” Longhin himself. The Italian quartet have also announced their upcoming album Ombra is set to drop on 23rd March 2024, and is available to pre-order now via Inertial Music.

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This release promises an emotional exploration; delving deep into the labyrinthine realms of the creative process and the shadows that accompany it. The sonic prowess of Ombra is further elevated through the hands of legendary producer Fredrik Nordström (At The Gates, Soilwork, Dimmu Borgir), whose production brings unparalleled depth and richness. At Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Nordström meticulously mixed and mastered each track, ensuring an auditory experience that resonates with the album's concept and its raw emotion.

Vocalist Enrico comments: “'The Overlord Disease' is one of the first songs I wrote for the album, probably one of the fastest, most most epic songs by The Moor. As the first single, I believe it's perfect to set the tone and to enter the atmosphere of Ombra. This song captures the raw essence of inner turmoil and the struggle against despair, a narrative of resilience in the face of tragedy, and a testament to the enduring strength found in unity, even within the darkest moments.”

Complementing the sonic tapestry is the visionary artwork by Niklas Sundin, an artist renowned for his ability to encapsulate the essence of musical journeys into vivid visuals. For enthusiasts of the progressive and melodic realms, Ombra beckons. Fans of Gojira, Soilwork, Evergrey, Katatonia, Dark Tranquillity, and those craving the fusion of intricate melodies and profound narratives, will find solace within the depths of this album. Alongside the album's announcement, special bundles are available for pre-order exclusively from Inertial Music.

The Moor are a progressive metal band with ever-evolving facets of sound, hailing from Venice, Italy. Since their debut release in 2012, they have distinguished themselves through their innovative, atmospheric sound, incorporating elements of progressive rock, death and thrash metal, while retaining recognisable melodies and memorable choruses.

The band has collaborated with artists such as Mikael Stanne (Dark Tranquillity), Niklas Isfeldt (Dream Evil), and Björn Strid (Soilwork). The quartet is now composed of members of acts like Time and the Hunter (feat. Niklas Sundin), Folkstone, and historical underground acts like Bleed In Vain and Ensoph. The Moor are set to release their highly anticipated new album, mixed and mastered at Studio Fredman by Fredrik Nordström (In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Architects, Dimmu Borgir, Obscura...) in early 2024. The Moor sound explores a mix of progressive metal, electronica, and melodic death metal influences.

Ombra track list:

1. Intro - Il Tema dell'Ombra 
2. The Overlord Disease 
3. Illuminant 
4. Ombra 
5. This River Spoke 
6. Lifetime Damage 
7. Withered 
8. Our Tides 
9. Passage 
10. Vitreous 
11. Thirst