ST.SINNER - Team Up With BELLE HAVEN To Craft Emotional Heavy Hitter "Dysphoria" A Tale Of Inne Turmoil

Canberra's standout metalcore-rock group, St.Sinner, is making a welcomed return on December 8th, teaming up with David De La Hoz of Belle Haven. The upcoming track, "Dysphoria," is a testament to the band's versatile sound palette, assuring to resonate with a wide spectrum of heavy music enthusiasts.

Dysphoria strikes listeners with an emotionally charged blend of emo and metalcore, akin to Bad Omens and Holding Absence, delving into the complex theme of being caught between emotions and grappling with dissatisfaction within oneself. Dysphoria is the second single in the "identity crisis" cycle, a series of music that focuses on breaking a depressive downward spiral.

A lyrical journey unfolds throughout the piece, utilising the voices of both the band's singer Rory and David's wonderfully executed feature on the track. The song endeavours to paint a raw, vivid picture of internal turmoil, perfectly matched by the powerful instrumental of the track. Lines such as "Everybody’s fine till they can feel the steel touch" evoke a sense of vulnerability and raw emotion, inviting listeners into the heart of the struggle.

"Going in we were planning for a more metalcore based track but still wanted to dabble in polished clean vocals - exploring a theme that was pretty deeply personal for me. It ended up being written over the course of like, two afternoons - which is a weird thing for us, as it usually takes a little bit longer to bring a track to completion. This one everything just seemed to fit." reflects vocalist Rory Maclean on the creation of the track.

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