IMMERSE - Release New Album "Energy" and Music Video "False Culture" On Adventure Cat Records

Fresh from shows with Dragged Under, Our Hollow Our Home, Chuggaboom and following on from their huge single ‘It’s All Good’’ and more, UK’s Immerse will release album ‘ENERGY’ on new label Adventure Cat Records on the 8th December 2023 and will be touring the UK to promote it in March 2024. The band have previously had support from the likes of BBC Radio 1 (x4 including Track Of The Week), Rock Sound, RTE2XM, Metal Hammer, Kerrang, BBC, Dreambound, Triple J and landed plenty of official playlisting with Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, TIDAL, Apple Music, Digster, Pandora and more. The band have amassed over 3 million streams on Spotify alone across their previous two albums.

Speaking about the focus track ‘False Culture’ Archie Hatfield says - “False culture is about how everyone is currently influenced by social media and what has almost become a form of subliminal messaging. Everywhere we look there is advertising being forced onto us even from people claiming to be “influencers”. Everywhere we look people are becoming carbon copies of each other and people lack originality and their own expression which to me is incredibly important”

On the album he continues “Our brand new album ‘ENERGY’ represents exactly what it is supposed to. We wanted to create a collection of songs that were full of flare and personality. All 10 tracks are hard hitting in their own way and exciting additions to our live set. I find everything about music is based around energy, whether it is sad, happy, exciting or mellow it all has a way of making you feel a specific way. When writing the lyrics and melody’s to this album I wanted it to represent what I love about live music, all I could think about whilst finding the melodies was how I wanted it to be in peoples heads for days and how I could just see us playing it live creating this fun up beat energy everyone can move and sing along to which to me is what music is all about. The amount of times I’ve listened to a song and thought ‘F*ck man I wish I wrote that chorus’ is countless so on this album I set out to write nothing but those songs and keep the energy high! We took the lead on the production on the album with the help of our good friend Robin Adams. Everything was tracked ourselves (excluding drums) which meant we could fully mould the tracks to where we wanted them to be. This also gave us the freedom to track at our own pace rather than being in a time constrained studio environment. This is without fail the best album we have ever written and we are so happy for the support shown so far, so to everyone who has previously shown love and to all the new faces ENJOY!”

IMMERSE conquer life’s battles head on with a smile. The Bristol quartet take pride in touring their energetic live performance throughout the UK & Europe. Behind their fun exterior, these four lads have always taken an empathic & positive approach to creating music. With two albums under their belt, IMMERSE have a strong catalogue behind them which has rewarded them with a loyal fanbase.

Catch the band at an upcoming show on their album release tour:

06.03.24 Glasgow - The Garage Attic 
07.03.24 Leeds - Key Club 
08.03.24 Manchester - Star And Garter 
09.03.24 London - The Grace 
10.03.24 Bristol - Crofters Rights