BREAK FIFTY - Unveil New Single "I Still See You"

Exactly one week ahead of their forthcoming EP release, UK Nu-Core band ‘Break Fifty’ have unveiled a brand-new single called ‘I Still See You’. Taking on an unravelling journey, ‘I Still See You’ reveals a desperate desire to escape an unending nightmare, concealing hidden self-doubt. It's a chilling portrayal of pain, creating a poignant reflection on the depths of despair”. Stream ‘I Still See You’ here and watch the official music video below.

Break Fifty vocalist, Angus explains, "Unveiling the narrative, ‘I Still See You’ lyrics depict a relentless cycle of nightmares where blossoms morph into darkness. Lingering pain and silent screams echo, offering a chilling exploration of self-doubt and hidden agony. it captivates, leaving an indelible mark on the soul with its profound exploration of torment. As the song unfurls, it bravely confronts past trauma, beckoning listeners to ‘tear away every memory of that day’ giving a feeling of trying to forget the ever present past.”

Watch the official music video for ‘I Still See You’ right BELOW!

Break Fifty’s forthcoming EP ‘Every Scream Became A Whisper In The Dark’ (out Thursday 7th December 2023) is a profound and deeply personal narrative of the band's journey through childhood trauma. Vocalist Angus shares “This EP serves as a testament to the restorative potency of music as a means of processing and expressing complex emotions”. ‘Every Scream Became A Whisper In The Dark’ will feature new single ‘I Still See You’ as well as recent singles ‘A Familiar Face (Of Someone I Never Knew)’ and ‘Dreamland’. The later of which features guest vocals from Ben Mason (Bound In Fear / Pintglass). Pre-save the EP right HERE.

‘Every Scream Became A Whisper In The Dark’ | Out 7th December 2023

EP Tracklisting:

1. B50 
2. I Still See You
3. A Familiar Face (Of Someone I Never Knew)
4. Jitter
5. Absence
6. A Red Glow
7. Dreamland ft. Ben Mason
8. Second Skin