SKYLIMIT – Release Debut Single Video "A Place You'll Never Find"

SKYLIMIT — the Canadian/UK/USA international major label commercial success super-group industry rock sensation. The band was created on season 1 of Jared Dines’ competition reality TV series "Musician Mansion" — a series where 15 musicians were put in a mansion and were given 5 challenges over 5 episodes. SKYLIMIT (easily the best band of the season) features Lauren Babic (vocals), Andrew Baena (bass), Sophie Burrell (guitar), Bradley Hall (guitar), and Dylan Roy (drums). Their debut smash hit "A Place You'll Never Find" was written in only 5 hours and went multi-platinum in 3 minutes. It is rumored that they should've won the song challenge in episode 1 of the series, but were robbed of victory by rivals in the band Gravestone due to a very heavy bias from the judges. SKYLIMIT persevered and were victorious in episode 2, where they self-filmed and produced their 8 time oscar-nominated avant garde music video for "A Place You'll Never Find". The band emerged as the seasons' rebels after pranking the entire cast and crew in episode 4 by fabricating the greatest reality TV drama twist of all time. Band rivals Leafjumper were very upsetty. It is rumored that because of this brilliant scheme, the show will win 8 emmy awards. Work smart, not hard.

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