SEVERALS - Release New Single Video "dejavu"

The Czech outfit, Severals surprise us again with their new single "dejavu", which boldly combines techno and modern metal. This experimental track debuted at this year's Rock for People and Basinfirefest and immediately caught the attention of the audience and listeners. The single takes us to an unconventional world where techno blends with metal carnage, and bassist Ondrej even takes on French in the track. Severals stay true to their unique sound, which can be defined simply as "Severals."

The video, once again created by frontman Dominik, is full of visual tricks and paradoxes that directly reference the song's theme. They experiment not only with sound but also with images.

The production of the single was entrusted to the talented Vojtěch Pačesný, while the mixing and mastering were done by Australian producer Lance Prenc, who has worked with bands such as Polaris, Alpha Wolf, Diamond Construct, and Thornhill.

Severals continue to surprise us, and we can already look forward to more experiments in their live show. What can we expect next?