ODD CREW - Celebrates Album Release of "Dark Matters Part II" With Brand New Music Video For "You Are But One"

This Friday, on November 10, 2023, Sofia-based ODD CREW is celebrating the release of their new studio album, titled Dark Matters Part II, via Drakkar Entertainment. A new music video for the song "You Are But One" is now streaming below, the album is available at THIS LOCATION!

“'You Are But One' is a dark story about the two worlds that live in us – the world of a child and that of an adult, and as time goes on we swallow the bitterness that life brings us," the band comments. "It is about the purity everything begins with and how it gets subsequently tainted and depraved over time."

Following six much acclaimed studio records, two DVDs and countless live shows over more than two decades, Dark Matters Part II will see ODD CREW where they left off with Part I: Continuing their musical maturity on a new level, and one that doubles down on the band’s songwriting skills and exceptional talent.

Despite the young age of the four members, 2023 sees ODD CREW celebrate their 25th anniversary. Started their musical journey at an early age, their lineup has never been changed. ODD CREW may have stepped out as one of Bulgaria’s best kept heavy rock and metal secrets long ago, but their epic Dark Matters-record series, produced in the band's own ButcherHouse Studio in Sofia, Bulgaria, will make them indispensable for the global heavy music scene!

Album track listing:

1. Wings On a Burning Wind 
2. In Silence 
3. You Are But One 
4. Closer 
5. On To The Sun 
6. Thin Air 
7. Witching Hour 
8. A Thousand Smiles