NOPROPHECY - Release Debut Album "As The Bridge Collapses"

Singapore's NOPROPHECY's debut album "As The Bridge Collapses" is now ready to captivate fans with its versatility from Rockshots Records. Promising a multifaceted experience, the album delves into the band's signature melodic style while exploring various stylistic shifts across metal genres.

Describing their sound in five words - Aggressive, Melodic, Intense, Groove, and Dynamic - NOPROPHECY has consistently pushed boundaries, showcasing their signature blend of fierce intensity and melodic artistry.

"There are so many variations the band incorporates into its songwriting with this album and we believe there is something for everyone. We feel an album should always have a flow from start to finish and that is what we’re trying to achieve with this album. We definitely played around with the choruses more this time, keeping in mind to engage more crowd participation for this album cycle. We want to give the fans a refreshing experience, yet something that is relatable on a personal level." adds the band.

NOPROPHECY invites fans and metal enthusiasts alike to join them on this exciting and diverse musical venture. With their dedication to delivering a powerful live experience, NOPROPHECY incorporates backing tracks during performances to elevate the audience's engagement.

Recommended for fans of Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine, and As I Lay Dying, "As The Bridge Collapses" is now available as of November 24th, 2023 from Rockshots Records.

Album Order -

Digital -

Track Listing:​

1. Convelescent 0:38 
2. As The Bridge Collapses 3:05 
3. Ghost Of Yesterday 4:28 
4. Sorrows 4:03 
5. Burn It Down 3:33 
6. Broken 3:31 
7. Set Me Free 4:15 
8. Voices 3:39 
9. Higanbana 3:29