MARBLE GHOSTS - Introduce Themselves With Melodic And Aggressive First Single “Alone”; Debut EP Out March 2024

Marble Ghosts is a fresh new band out of Ottawa, Canada, composed of a death metal drummer, an old-school metal bassist, a singer heavily influenced by 90s grunge, and a metalcore guitar player. They blend genres and generations through their music highlighted with an unapologetic lyrical approach, as they push boundaries by excoriating traditional power structures, affirming the importance of speaking truth to power. Armed with conviction, they have their first single “Alone” ready to grab listeners by the throat. This single comes off their self-titled debut which will be released next year. It has special meaning to the band as they explain:

​“‘Alone’ was written seven years ago and was sitting idle on a dying laptop. Adam (guitarist) resurrected the riff, adding pre-programmed drums and bass, providing the perfect canvas for Dylan (vocalist) to provide a vocal sample. From the first listen, Dylan knew he wanted to work with Adam. This was one of the first tracks the two worked on that would eventually become the project known as Marble Ghosts. Lyrically, ‘Alone’ represents both imagined and real fear. It was originally titled ‘No one can hear you scream’, and the idea behind it is how our own minds can create scenarios to frighten us, but our minds can also save us at the same time when real danger is present.”

The band’s name is a reference to historical statues, some of which stand long past their time. Like the band’s song, ‘False Heroes’, the band asks simply, “Why do we hold them up so high? Why do we cover up the crimes?” These marble ghosts are being pulled down physically but also in the changing mentalities toward flawed historical persons. The marble ghosts are also the traditions of old including religious beliefs that have not changed with the times to accept differing views. Again, the band seeks to call out these anachronistic outmoded views that cause real harm.

The single “Alone” is out now and the self-titled debut is expected in March 2024. Marble Ghosts has its first show on November 26, 2023, at Cafe Dekcuf in Ottawa, ON (Event Details). They are recommended for fans of Alter Bridge, Shinedown, and Saint Asonia.

Listen to “Alone” at the following links:

Digital -

Track Listing:​

1. Old School (3:10) 
2. Lie to Me (4:22) 
3. Alone (4:03) 
4. False Heroes (4:33) 
5. End of the World (3:58)