HATRED REIGNS - Is Now Streaming Their Death Metal Labour Of Love And Dedication "Awaken The Ancients"

Canada’s Hatred Reigns is a convergence of masterful musicians, each with a rich and storied background in the music industry. They came together in 2015 and released their first EP “Realm I: Affliction” in 2018. They follow it up now with "Awaken The Ancients", which weaves together the elements of old-school death metal with modern technical intricacies, creating a sonic tapestry that is both captivating and groundbreaking.

The lyrics on this concept album are inspired by the film “What Dreams May Come”, the novels Dante’s “Inferno”, John Milton’s “Paradise Lost” and the mental anguish and exploits that many of us experience but choose life vs succumbing to the ever-looming darkness.

“In a quest for liberation, the damned are ferried across by Charon who must navigate treacherous planes, confronting challenges from demons above and lurking waters below. Their odyssey takes them across the enigmatic river Styx, lured by the ancients towards Necropia, where ultimate judgement awaits. We are unleashing an infernal symphony of brutality and precision! Our music is a testament to the raw power and intricate craftsmanship that defines death metal. Each member has their own barrage of styles and influences which created the unique twist that is Hatred Reigns.” adds the band.

"Awaken The Ancients" is not just an album; it's a conceptual epic that traverses uncharted realms of sound and emotion. The album's narrative follows a protagonist grappling with oppressive forces, leading to a summoning of the ancients who rise to liberate the tormented from their prolonged suffering. Plunged into an endless abyss, the tormented emerge upon a desolate shore, surrounded by aimless souls. This is not an adventure for the faint of heart, and should only be attempted by the hardiest of metalheads, those with a penchant for Origin, Carcass, and Behemoth.

Listen to "Awaken The Ancients" via its worldwide album stream premiere on Decibel Magazine HERE.

"Awaken The Ancients" was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Hatred Reigns vocalist Mitchi Dimitriadis, with album art designed by Pedro "Lordigan" Sena. The album is available on December 1st, 2023, at the following links:

Digital - https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/hatredreigns/awaken-the-ancients

Bandcamp - https://hatredreigns.bandcamp.com

Track Listing:​

1. Awaken The Ancients (5:20) 
2. Pain Leads To Nothingness (3:16) 
3. To Depths Unknown (2:40) 
4. Obsolarium (2:36) 
5. Ushered By Charon (5:23) 
6. Planes Divide (3:47) 
7. Absentia (4:58) 
8. Departing Acheron (3:43)