DISSONA - New EP “Dreadfully Distinct” Takes A Progressive Look Into The Blade Runner Universe

Chicago’s Dissona goes into uncharted territory with their new EP “Dreadfully Distinct”, a three-track homage to the gritty world of Blade Runner and the interesting characters who inhabit it. Never before have they so strictly adhered to a thematic device and allowed it to fully take the reins of the creation, however, they believe this EP is a refined distillation of their capabilities to this point and a guidepost for the future of the band. They explain further:

“This EP is the most concentrated version of our sound to date. It’s mature and focused and demands multiple interrupted listens to uncover the intriguing layers concealed within. Sit in your favorite listening environment, close your eyes, and take it in. Read the lyrics. Listen again. There are stories here that are of great value to us and we’ve done everything we can to ensure the art reflects that value. Press play and let us take you somewhere beyond, a voyage of soaring melodicism and roiling energy, violent and decisive.”

Dissona continues to share that for this EP, the three-track landscape felt right. From there, they had several conversations about which stories/characters in the Blade Runner universe felt compelling enough to have their own song and that was that. Fans are aware that their third full-length album has been in production for quite some time and those fans can rest easy knowing the entire album is recorded and will be released next year.

Adventurous and engaging, “Dreadfully Distinct” is a uniquely cinematic trip through progressive metal. It was mixed and mastered by Matt Motto with album artwork created by Karo Gasiorwoska. It is recommended listening for fans of Cynic, Opeth, and Persefone.

“Dreadfully Distinct” is now available as of November 10th, 2023 via Earache Distribution and is available at the following links:

Digital - https://earache.lnk.to/DreadfullyDistinct

In additional news, Dissona has signed a worldwide deal with Extreme Management Group.

Track Listing:

​1. The Prodigal Son (6:27) 
2. Renaissance (5:33) 
3. Skinjob (3:40)