DISSONA - Blade Runner Themed “Renaissance” Is Evident In Drum Playthrough Video

Dissona is a progressive metal band hailing from Chicago, USA, known for its adventurous, demanding, intense, mystical, and emotionally rich music. Their previous releases include “Paleopneumatic” in 2016 and a self-titled album in 2012. Their third release, an EP entitled “Dreadfully Distinct” was just released earlier this month and takes listeners into the gritty world of Blade Runner over three intense and varied tracks. The second cut “Renaissance” is getting a deeper look now with a drum playthrough video. The band comments on the theme:

“'Renaissance' features the distinctive vocals of David Dubenic, who poignantly raises the intriguing question that lingers throughout the Blade Runner narrative: "Is Deckard human or replicant?" The track captures the urgency of his heated escape from LA with Rachael as it builds, with Deckard's inner turmoil reflected in his repeated pleas to his own psyche. The song delves into Deckard's dreams, fears, and ultimately, his confrontation with his own reality.”

The song opens with a hazy, atmospheric intro that evokes a sense of impending uncertainty. As the track unfolds, listeners are immersed in an exotic instrumental section, laden with tension-inducing tones and intricate time signatures mirroring the complexities of Deckard's journey.

Throughout “Renaissance”, Dissona skillfully weaves a narrative that mirrors Deckard's emotional and existential struggles, all set against the backdrop of their signature progressive metal sound. The song's powerful instrumentation and evocative lyrics make it a standout addition to the EP which is recommended for fans of Between the Buried and Me, Cynic and Opeth.

Watch their masterful drummer, Drew Goddard, perform his parts for the song “Renaissance” below!

“Dreadfully Distinct” was released on November 10th, 2023 via Earache Distribution and is available at the following links:

Digital - https://earache.lnk.to/DreadfullyDistinct

Track Listing:

​1. The Prodigal Son (6:27) 
2. Renaissance (5:33) 
3. Skinjob (3:40)