DEGENERATOR - (ft. members All Else Fails, ex-Striker) Spellbinding Sound Comes Alive On “The Abyssal Throne”

Degenerator, Edmonton, Canada’s aggressive sonic titans, unleash a captivating blend of stoner, sludge, grunge, and goth rock with their debut album “The Abyssal Throne”, which is streaming now. Led by Barrett Klesko (Alle Else Fails) who is joined by Jonathan Webster (Pass of Era, ex-Striker), this relentless musical force delivers a spellbinding sound that resonates with fans of grunge, sludge, stoner, and doom metal. These internationally acclaimed musicians set the stage for an immersive journey through explosive moods, progressive time signatures, and hauntingly unusual vocal melodies. Klesko comments on what’s in store for those who check the album:

"This album is a radical departure from anything I have produced before. It’s more somber, but not as heavy, as All Else Fails, slower, but also more profound than the Misfires, and though it has more order than The Secret Places of the Earth, it still keeps some of the mystery. I hope my fans can discover a new facet of my creativity and a new bond with the art that I make.”

Degenerator is a sonic experiment that Klesko conducted to unleash the noise that was haunting his mind. He wanted to capture the essence of retro The Smashing Pumpkins, with their saturated fuzzy guitars, but also add a touch of gothic darkness that he finds deeply appealing. Interestingly, they started with the drums and then built everything else on top of them.

“The Abyssal Throne” is completely DIY, it was mixed and mastered by Webster, and produced by Klesko who also did the album artwork and leveraged AI to create something that reflected how the music made him feel. It is recommended for open-minded fans who want to experience something new and who enjoy Baroness, Torche, Smashing Pumpkins, and Soundgarden.

“The Abyssal Throne” is due out November 24, 2023, and can be heard in full via its album stream premiere on Doomed and Stoned HERE.

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Track Listing:​

1. Eternalism - 3:42 
2. Finality - 4:06 
3. The Day That Never Comes - 4:39 
4. Darkness Prevails - 3:58 
5. Neurotonic - 4:46 
6. The Children of the Night - 3:59 
7. Hiraeth - 4:06 
8. The Spiral - 4:13 
9. Heart Like a Hole - 4:15 
10. For Every Truth - 5:38 
11. A Way Out - 3:52