DEGENERATOR - (ft. members All Else Fails, ex-Striker) Continues Its Fusion Experiment With “Neurotonic”

Degenerator is an aggressive musical powerhouse based in Edmonton, Alberta, that combines the genres of post-grunge, stoner rock, and doom into a captivating and relentless fusion. Comprised of two musicians, Barrett Klesko and Jonathan Webster who have already garnered intonation musical acclaim they are demonstrating their musical prowess in their debut album “The Abyssal Throne”. The second single “Neurotonic” takes heavy music fans deep into a unique and intriguing soundscape full of fresh energy and innovation. Klesko comments:

“Loss haunts our hearts. We must cherish our loved ones. Before they are gone. I always strive for stirring emotion, while revealing a glimpse of a mystical hidden depth. This music came from investigations of my connection with both the material and ethereal worlds, and I hope this ignites a similar reflection in others.”

"The Abyssal Throne" captures the spirit of the '90s and '00s goth and grunge while infusing fresh energy and innovation. The album takes listeners on a rollercoaster of emotions, navigating intricate and progressive time signatures, and balancing thunderous, distorted riffs with intricate melodies that seamlessly intertwine. Each song becomes an adrenaline-fueled journey, inviting listeners to surrender to the primal depths of their own emotions.

The project began as a trial, with Klesko reaching out to his friend Webster, with whom he had previously played in The Order of Chaos. The album started to take shape as Klesko composed to rough drum tracks provided by Webster. What began as an experiment evolved into something entirely unique, distinct from its source material. It is recommended for fans of Baroness, Torche, Smashing Pumpkins, and Sound Garden.

Watch and listen to the video for “Neurotonic” below!

“The Abyssal Throne” is due out November 24, 2023.

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Track Listing:​

1. Eternalism - 3:42 
2. Finality - 4:06 
3. The Day That Never Comes - 4:39 
4. Darkness Prevails - 3:58 
5. Neurotonic - 4:46 
6. The Children of the Night - 3:59 
7. Hiraeth - 4:06 
8. The Spiral - 4:13 
9. Heart Like a Hole - 4:15 
10. For Every Truth - 5:38 
11. A Way Out - 3:52