BLACK DAGGERS - Speak To Your Inner Demons w/ New Video "Wasted"

Releasing their debut album "Phantasmagoria" at the end of this past October, Red Deer, AB, Canada's Black Daggers are sharing their latest music video for the track "Wasted". A song written from the point of view of speaking to your inner demons, this track freely switches from one to the other.

"It’s not meant to be clear who is the one speaking at any given point, but it’s a conversation in the mirror. We think this is a relatable concept for people who struggle with their own inner struggles." adds the band.

The music video for "Wasted" can be seen and heard below!

A concept record about a Faustian Bargain gone awry, "Phantasmagoria" sees its protagonist character making a deal with the Devil, which quickly goes wrong when they see their life unraveling. The album is as much about struggling with vices as it is dealing with depression and addiction. The band wanted to really dig into the idea of drug-induced psychosis and explore where that might lead to paranoia and further self-destruction. They think in some ways the character will be relatable to people who’ve dealt with battling their inner demons with mental health issues or lived with addictions.

“We want fans to experience this record by putting on their headphones, closing their eyes and just imagining themselves drifting into this world where nothing is off limits and excess is the norm. The character struggles to cope with their newfound euphoria and it leads them down a dark path of self-destruction. If anything, after listening to this record people get a slightly deeper understanding of the struggles some people face.” says the band.

Self-producing this first full-length, Black Daggers' explored different sound textures and ideas, but they also wanted to make sure the record was something they could reproduce live, which they are looking forward to doing in the coming months with plans to play across Alberta and beyond.

"Phantasmagoria" is available on all digital platforms at

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Track Listing:​

1. Best I’ve Got - (4:00) 
2. These Broken Bones - (3:46) 
3. Surfin’ A Vibe - (4:04) 
4. Voices - (4:21) 
5. I’m Here - (4:15) 
6. Wasted - (3:23) 
7. City Limits - (3:07) 
8. Carpe Diem - (4:22)