THE HYENA KILL - Return With New Single "Piece Of Hell"

Manchester atmospheric rock band The Hyena Kill return with some of their deepest material to date, with their ferocious new single ‘Piece Of Hell’, an emotive track about finally letting go of that poisonous person in your life.

Watch the new video for 'Piece Of Hell' BELOW!

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Comments vocalist/guitarist Steven Dobb: "Our new single 'Piece Of Hell’ is taken from our forthcoming new album. It’s such an aggressive tune and feels like a return to our roots but gives nothing away as to the overall sound of the record. We've been playing it live for a while now and it’s as cathartic as it gets when we start ripping. It's even got a shredding solo which is a first for The Hyena Kill."

The chaotic video for the new track was made by Ash Tubb, lead singer and guitarist in Sugar Horse, whilst the track was produced/mixed by Andy Hawkins and Dave Draper looked after the mastering.

Dobb continues, "After seeing some of the great DIY videos Ash had done for his band, I asked if he would do one for us. It’s just us jamming in our grubby rehearsal room subjected to Ash’s absolutely mental visuals. According to him he made a mistake and everything got layered all at once creating this trippy effect. To paraphrase the Lord Bob Ross, I love happy accidents like that. Can't thank him enough for helping us out."

The track comes as the band head back into the studio to complete their new album for APF Records, after a series of personal tragedies put the brakes on it previously. In truth the break worked out for the best as it gave the songs already written, time to breathe. Although it was a traumatic and frustrating period, the band found revisiting the songs with a fresh perspective helped develop and re-energise them. After what felt like a long hiatus, a lot of rewrites and a whole lot of crazy ideas flying back and forward, The Hyena Kill have decided it's finally time to come together to finish their new album. Hopefully the music will speak for itself, a noisy and beautiful testimony to triumph over adversity and a quantum leap for a band who’ve played every dive bar in Blighty thrice over but who’ll never, ever forget their roots.