OF VIRTUE - Release New Single Video 'True Colors' From Upcoming Album "Omen"

Today, midwestern metal act OF VIRTUE have released their brand new single and music video for 'True Colors' taken from their upcoming full-length album »Omen«, due 29th September via Arising Empire.

On the new track, the band comments:

"'The wise Maya Angelou said “when people show you who they are, believe them the first time. This is also true of drug addiction. This disease can wear many faces and often times, we choose to ignore the obvious red flags that are right in front of us. Because of our own struggles, insecurities or reasons for wanting to drown out the pain - we allow these things to have agency over our actions and our way of life, contributing to the vicious cycle that is so hard to break. It can be easy to blame the vice or behaviors for the misery that is brought in our lives. True Colors is also indicative of another hard truth - What you consume, what/who you believe you are - can become your new reality and “true” self." - Damon (guitar/vocals)

Set for September 29th, »Omen« will be available in limited colored vinyls and CD, together with unique merch options at the Arising Empire online shop, Impericon & band shop.

Pre-order »Omen« now. https://arisingempire.com/ofvirtue

"Three years in the making and feeling as if it’s the most significant one in our timeline thus far, this album was by far the most difficult to create in many more ways than one and one of the most emotional experience for us. Hope that it helps you through your time of need, the way it did us."

»Omen« tracklisting:

1. Omen 
2. Hypocrite 
3. Cold Blooded 
4. Cut Me Open 
5. Sober 
6. A.N.X.I.E.T.Y. 
7. Floating ft Rory Rodriguez (Dayseeker) 
8. True Colors 
9. Sinner 
10. Holy 
11. Cannibals 
12. False Idols

Being As An Ocean Swallowed By The Earth Tour REMAINING DATES:

Special Guests: Of Virtue, Senna 

14.09. IT Milan Legend Club 
15.09. CH Langenthal Old Capitol 
16.09. DE Stuttgart Im Wizemann

Progression, or more generally, change, is a constant in music; in order to adapt and survive, you must grow and develop—no band knows this as much as Michigan heavy music act Of Virtue. Born from the blistering cold, barren fields of Michigan and erupting into an internationally recognized and critically acclaimed alternative powerhouse, Of Virtue’s growth is nothing short of jaw dropping. Whether it’s having shared their music with fans in over 30 countries across the globe, amassing a multitude of Billboard charting positions, gaining Top 50 Mediabase radio play slots, having over 20 million total streams or beyond—Of Virtue is always looking forward to change and progress, to evolve and grow.

The band combine an eclectic taste for the melodic, catchy and ethereal with a foundation seeping with brooding, thick guitars thanks to guitarists Damon Tate & Mike Valadez along with a penchant for multifaceted vocal tonalities shared by vocalists Tyler Ennis & Damon Tate. All of this is brought together by the monstrous rhythm section featuring Ryan Trinh on drums. With this lineup at their disposal, Of Virtue has cemented themselves a diverse and engaging act drawing influence from all types and styles of music to create something that is truly their own. With their next record, »Omen«, on the way they have even further expanded on what makes them who they are, and by doing so they bring a warning—tread lightly and base today on yesterday or you may not get to tomorrow.