NEOLIA - Become "Carried Away" In The New Vocal Playthrough

Israel’s Neolia released their debut self-titled album this past May. The album is an experimental, progressive slab of metal that fans have been flocking to local shows for. From the record's haunting melodies to its complex rhythms, every aspect of this full-length has been crafted with care and precision.

Today, the band shares their latest vocal playthrough from Ben Reiss for the track "Carried Away" below!

"Carried Away is dark yet restless. It has a dynamic wide range from the most tender guitars to the sharpest and most dissonant tones. The vocals in the song incorporate a variety of vocal techniques that keep the listener on his toes. 'Carried away' takes you on the journey inside the mind of a child that is hallucinating scary images." adds Mash.

Musically, Neolia's self-titled album is a reflection of years of soaking up music of different genres from rock to pop to world music and whatnot. It’s a fusion of bits upon bits of pieces absorbed and processed and then spat out from a personal perspective. In its musical aspect, it’s rock and metal-based, but with a twist of African, Latin, Jazz, and ambient that reaches the spectrum of high and low, tender, extreme, and crazy.

Recommended for fans of Protest The Hero, Coheed and Cambria, The Human Abstract, and Tool, Neolia's self-titled album was released on May 5th, 2023, and is available on, Spotify -

Track Listing:​

1. The Shed – 3:44 
2. The Shed Outro – 0:52 
3. Your Prophecy – 7:44 
4. Dance of Violence – 7:10 
5. Carried Away - 5:49 
6. Carried Away Outro – 1:24 
7. Karma – 4:09 ft. guest vocals Ran Yerushalmi 
8. Karma Outro – 0:44 
9. Day In Day Out – 11:06 
10. Anchors – 7:14 
11. Rise and Fall – 5:06 
12. Blow the Leaves – 7:02 
13. A Better Version of You – 4:53 
14. Refahim – 8:00