NECROTTED - Release New Single "Artificial Truth"

German slamming death metallers Necrotted have released atheir new single 'Artificial Truth'. The track is taken from their crushing fifth album Imperium, out now via Reaper Entertainment.

Check out the visualiser for 'Artificial Truth' BELOW!

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The band comment on 'Artificial Truth': "The lyrics of the song deal with diseases of our modern information society such as 'alternative facts', and how quite a few people can be controlled and influenced by such lies."

New album Imperium marks another milestone in the band’s history. Another concept album, the LP develops the elaborate storyline of its predecessor with great detail. Necrotted continue to tread experimental musical paths; their proven recipe of melodic guitar riffs, thundering blast beats and oppressive slams is combined with immersing black metal elements. Written mostly in English, the lyrics also contain passages in the German native language, which are performed with banefully deep growls and strident screams.

The band add: "We're extremely happy to announce that in September 2023 - just in time for our 15th band anniversary - our fifth studio album will see the light of day. The new long-player will bear the name 'Imperium' and will be released via our label Reaper Entertainment. Already today, we'd like to present you the cover artwork and the tracklist of the upcoming album. The artwork for Imperium was once again illustrated by 3D designer Robin Schneider and perfectly visualises the evolving, elaborate storyline that builds on the acclaimed predecessor Operation: Mental Castration. It fits brilliantly with the album's dystopian, socio-political themes and dark musical atmosphere."

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Fast, brutal, slamming, with a distinct message in their music: Necrotted from southern Germany are a bearer of hope for modern death metal.

Founded in 2008, the band from Abtsgmünd (Baden-Wuerttemberg) boast four full-length albums Anchors Apart (2012), Utopia 2.0 (2014), Worldwide Warfare (2017) and Operation: Mental Castration (2021), as well as two EPs Kingdom Of Hades (2010) and Die For Something Worthwhile (2019). The quintet have also earned a reputation as a ferocious live act, with extensive international touring alongside I Declare War, Hackneyed, Cytotoxin, Acranius, Osiah, Parasite Inc, and supported many big names including Hatebreed, Kataklysm, Heaven Shall Burn, Dying Fetus and Obituary.

Sweeping melodic guitar riffs combined with blaring blastbeats and stomping slam are the foundation of Necrotted's intense sound. This supports they deeply guttural and high-pitched peircing vocals, that deliver the band's deep conceptional lyrics.

2023 promises to be a huge year for Necrotted.


01. A Veiled Awakening 
02. Reich Der Gier 
03. Sow Sorrow For Victory 
04. Artificial Truth 
05. Ignorance Is Fear 
06. Round X: Freedom V Security 
07. Imperator 
08. Order Beyond All Bounds 
09. My Reign Come, My Will Be Done