MYTH OF I - Celebrate EP Release With New single "Tenshi"

US prog-metal duo Myth of I have shared a new single; 'Tenshi', a modulating display of heft, meditative peace, and technical prowess, is the focus track of the band's new EP Blood, out today. The song is a journey through modal explorations: from heavy, intense and dissonant beatdowns to ethereal, spacious soundscapes filled with hope. 'Tenshi' follows singles 'JENOVA', 'Oni' and 'Hatchling'.

Watch the official visualiser below!

Stream the song here: Guitarist Tyler Fritzel comments: "'Tenshi' is quite a different sound sonically than what we have ever explored in previous releases. It started out with myself sending Jennings a chord progression which he basically took, didn't use, and instead wrote something entirely different haha. I love that he did that because it developed into a whole new sound that I wasn’t expecting at all. As it develops more and gets through the intro it really takes a shape of its own that sounds reminiscent of some of the Animals as Leaders stuff around the Joy of Motion days."

Myth of I are an instrumental progressive metal band based out of Boston, MA, USA. They strive to bring innovation to the progressive music world. Admitting to a wide range of influences, the band aim to give a unique cosmic twist to the ordered chaos they consistently produce. Think Tosin Abasi, Joe Hisaishi and a cat walk into a particle accelerator. You may want to call the resulting aural mayhem "angry jazz" or even "technical support metal".

After signing with extreme metal label The Artisan Era, Myth of I released their eponymous debut album on 10th April 2020, receiving support from the likes of Decibel Magazine and Metal Injection.

The future looks bright for Myth of I, following the releases of 'The Expedition' and 'Naïveté', two singles that feature exceptional performances by guest vocalists Eli Cutting (Lattermath) and Michael Lessard (The Contortionist) respectively. A concept dual EP titled Blood/Stream is in the works - Blood being released Friday 22nd September. Through its Japanese-inspired visual elements and ten ambitious tracks, it will explore the theme of the duality of life and death.