MONOSPHERE - Present “Turing Test” , A Dark and Depressing Track Full of Groove Feat. a Spoken Word Performance by Caligula’s Horse Singer Jim Grey

After releasing four singles that all touched different genres, Monosphere are back with their last single before the release of their highly anticipated second album “Sentience” (to be released on October 20). Teaming up with Jim Grey (Caligula’s Horse), German prog/post metal band once again bring new musical aspects to the table, crafting a track filled with darkness.

“Turing Test” is a dark, cold and gloomy track, beginning with depressing synthesizers and a groove-orientated vibe similar to old Cult Of Luna and The Ocean. Furthermore, they embrace barren soundscapes with Meshuggah-ish grooves and heavy-hitting breaks. Orchestral elements as well as piano sections layered in the background create a vibe similar to Humanity’s Last Breath, incorporating them with cinematic elements à la Hypno5e. Having Jim Grey on this track, the band definitely attracts fans of Caligula’s Horse with an outstanding performance on narrating a radio interview held by Alan Turing in 1951. As songwriter Rodney comments:

"We're more than happy to have Jim Grey on board for this track! I always loved his spoken word performance on Caligula's Horse's "Inertia" and he was the first name that came to my mind when thinking about who we could ask for "Turing Test"! He was instantly hooked on the idea and the result is simply amazing."

The music video picks up where “Friends & Foes” left us off. The sequel is a direct reflection of the album concept of “Sentience” and shows the climax in its dramaturgy. Bleak, devastating sounds show Monosphere at their angriest and point once more to their album “Sentience”, being the next big step in their career. “Sentience” will be released on October 20 via Blood Blast Distribution (digital) and the band themselves (physical).

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