FROGG - Premiere Flamboyant Video For Explosive New Single "Wake Up!"

FROGG is a modern experimental technical metal band located in the New York metropolitan area, USA. The concept behind FROGG is simple: create modern heavy music while striving to show off some originality in an often-over-processed genre. They released their debut EP “A Reptilian Dystopia” in 2019 and will have a successor in the not-too-distant future. In the meantime, they have a fresh new single out “Wake Up”, which according to them, is a metal song until it isn’t. It’s a song about changing your perspective on something you were convinced would always remain the same - your mind suddenly snaps and changes your outlook. It’s a melange of styles, the guitar solo section is riddled with authentic Afro-Cuban instrumentation which separates the front and back of the song’s structure, opening up the repeating verse and pop-punk-styled chorus for a more dynamic interpretation. The band comments:

“Wake Up is the first song written with FROGG’s new lineup and experimentation with world instruments. The song is the first of three singles that will be part of our upcoming full-length. As we wrote and played the material, Wake Up got stuck in our heads and we immediately knew we were cooking something good. It’s definitely tamer than some of our other upcoming songs, but the catchy chorus slapped in a way that made us want to share it first.”

FROGG’s main ambition is to hit the live circuit with a perfected performance and its brand-new line-up. FROGG has been relentlessly rehearsing original material both new and old, with hopes to deliver an authentic live experience. Being in the band enables them to express their artistry in its pure, complicated, and intricate form. It’s extremely demanding music that requires a lot of practice and they aren’t afraid of the required grind. They are eager to share this passion with fans around the world, especially those who enjoy Children of Bodom, Between the Buried and Me, and Galneryus.

Watch and listen to “Wake Up” BELOW!