DISPLAY OF DECAY Takes A Brutal Look At “Mass Effect” With “Harbinger” Off New Album "Vitriol" Out Oct 2023

Prepare to be immersed in a world of sonic extremity with Edmonton, Canada’s death metal titans, and mega nerds, Display Of Decay, and their fourth album “Vitriol” hitting the shelves later this year. They have released a single “The Butcher” already and now the second “Harbinger” will continue to engulf listeners in thunderous drums, ferocious guitars, guttural vocals, and gory and nerdy lyrics. The band shares what’s in store:

“Harbinger is definitely one of the most technically challenging songs, if not the MOST technically challenging on the record. A frenzy from start to finish, this track features a wide range of dynamics stretching from sweep picking, and octaves, to full-on chaos! Lyrically, it’s entirely based on Mass Effect and the Reaper invasion, because as previously mentioned, nerds.”

Since forming in 2007, right out of high school, Display of Decay has stayed true to their groovy old-school death metal sound as a base and increasing intensity, technicality, and quality as they’ve gone on. In “Vitriol” they show off faster riffs, more experimentation, and varied lyrical themes. Every song on the album is so unique that it feels like a new experience every single track. The band owes this to never going into the writing process under the expectation of writing something a certain way or having a prescribed formula. The eight songs flow cohesively from track to track while each has its own special added elements.

The lyrical content on “Vitriol” covers a variety of topics ranging from pop culture references like Diablo & Mass Effect to darker undertones of the mainstream media's obsession with school shootings and other acts of senseless violence that are continuously looped for ratings evidently posing a risk of reproduction. It is recommended for fans of Dying Fetus, Immolation, and Pantera.

Watch and listen to the guitar playthrough for “Harbinger” below!

“Vitriol” is due out on October 20, 2023 via Gore House Productions and is available for pre-order at https://orcd.co/vitriol

Track Listing:​

1. Malicious Motorcide (3:17) 
2. The Butcher (4:26) 
3. Legion of Doom (4:04) 
4. Familial Feast (3:26) 
5. Harbinger (3:06) 
6. Hot Lead Vengeance (4:01) 
7. Slaughtercast (3:54) 
8. Vitriol (3:19)