BANKS ARCADE - Release Fiery New Single "Worship The Internet"

Melbourne heavy metal boy band Banks Arcade are back with a brand new single "Worship The Internet" out now via UNFD. Following the release of their debut album "Future Lovers" last year, a hybrid meeting of metalcore, hip hop, pop and electronic flavours, "Worship The Internet" expands on the group's established trademarks, with the new track flitting between swaggering hooks and hulking grit. An infectious ode to irrational and volatile anger in the digital age, Banks Arcade's latest chapter is also accompanied today by a brand new music video.

Of "Worship The Internet", Banks Arcade share: "'Worship The Internet' explores the unreasoned outrage perpetuated by social media and modern culture. Everyone is mad at something and the only answer seems to be to come out swinging and think later. This song presents this outrage in a volatile and aggressive fashion and enters the mind of the individual trying to be authentic amidst a myriad of voices urging them to do otherwise."

A band who always wanted to make history, Banks Arcade bring passion and potent execution to their myriad of influences and creative ideas. Formed over a shared love of music with a razor-sharp avant-garde aesthetic, Banks Arcade have always teetered on modernity, their gaze ever-fixed just beyond the horizon via their flourishing sonic wiles. From their 2018 debut EP "Endnote" to its 2020 follow up "Fever Dreams", the group's head-turning singles like "Sick" and "Drown" have gone on to amass over 1 million individal streams, while their explosive single "Chosen" was chosen by Ubisoft as the official theme song of the Rainbow Six Siege Oceanic Nationals in 2022.

Releasing their full-length "Future Lovers" in 2022, an LP initially devised as a concept album that evolved into a vessel of personal self-discovery, Banks Arcade cemented their future-facing trademark style while also turning heads courtesy of their emphatic soundscapes, searing metal and hip hop additions.