TakaLaiton - Prepare For A Feast With New Album "Mindfection"

Prepare yourselves for a thrash feast as Finland's TakaLaiton is unleashing their debut album "Mindfection" produced by Teemu Aalto (Omnium Gatherum, Insomnium) available now as of July 28th, 2023 via Rockshots Records.

For the album's release day, the band is sharing their latest visualizer for the track "Mies Miestä Vastaan".

"One of the very first songs that we're made to the album. Rehearsing this track probably started already in 2020 when we started to spin it back and forth, but Janne came up with the lyrics for it probably not sooner than 2021." adds the band.

Watch and listen to "Mies Miestä Vastaan" below!

Hailing from Finland's far north, TakaLaiton garners a powerful melodic groove thrash-influenced attitude that is best seen in their super-energetic live shows that have always left fans with a sore neck and bruises from the moshpit. With a risk-taking thrash-fueled demeanor, TakaLaiton superbly blends fast-paced energy, and a bone-crushing groove, with melodies that can only be inspired by the dark, depressing, and frigid far-north. Not to mention the band's lyrical onslaught, sung in both Finnish and English. Since their inception, the band has covered a lot of territories while on tour, bringing their rowdy stage presence to the Scandinavian regions, the rest of Europe, and Asian continents.

TakaLaiton has a "break the rules, exceed all limits" approach, as their name suggests; deriving from a Finnish baseball term for "swing the ball over the borders''. With that fierce frame of mind, the band has won "Heavy Metal Heart 11" a National Music Contest in Finland; and is ready to follow up their 2019 double EP "SisuKastraatio I & II" with 2023's "Mindfection", their first full-length that is based on today's society, where we as people do everything to be a part of it and what's sickening to the band is that people are ready to do anything in the name of couple minutes of fame. This album is based on this sick way our world has come to be.

"We are absolutely psyched about the album release and the fact it's coming through Rockshots Records! We spent literally everything we had when it comes to effort on this album and the final result turned out to be magnificent with the producer Teemu Aalto. We think this will be the album that the TakaLaiton fans will consider a classic in the future. The well-known crushing sound and the rage are in there with the heartwarming melodies, which TakaLaiton fans are familiar with." comments the band.

TakaLaiton's new album "Mindfection" is available at the following links:

Album CD - https://bit.ly/TakaLaiton_CD​

Album Digital - https://bfan.link/mindfection

Track Listing:​

1 - Rip 'n Burn - 3:20 
2 - Do Or Die - 3:35 
3 - Get What You Asked For - 4:25 
4 - Hopeareunus - 4:45 
5 - Ambassador of Revenge - 3:00 
6 - Mies Miestä Vastaan - 4:21 
7 - Reborn - 3:47 
8 - Arkajalka - 3:01 
9 - Destination... Termination - 4:27 
10 - Mindfection - 7:02