POMENGRANATE TIGER - Announces New Album and Releases Double Single

Prog metal sensation Pomegranate Tiger has announced his stellar new album All Input Is Error, with double single 'Devils to Ourselves' and 'Dagger Dance'.

All Input Is Error, the artist's first album in eight years, will be released 7th September. Pre-order All Input Is Error: https://bio.site/pomegranatetiger

Watch the singles here, the first two tracks from the album BELOW!

Pomegranate Tiger comments: "AI is slowly taking over everything it seems…and there aren’t too many things more prog than that! The record is meant to bring attention to AI and to open conversations about its role in music and the arts in general.

"AI experts predict with the rise of AGI by 2030, AI will be able to do EVERYTHING better than a human. What does that even mean? That can’t be true…can it? Hence the album name.

"When AGI gets here…& it’s most definitely coming within the next decade - ANY input or opinion we might have on ANY certain topic, will essentially be rendered error by AGI. Or otherwise put, All input will be error.

"AI has helped immensely already w/ this newest record. From entire music videos, to artwork, professional contracts needed, & all storyline / symbolism ideas behind the newest single 'Dagger Dance', AI has already deeply infiltrated Pomegranate Tiger and the world alike and no one really knows where it all leads.

"'Devils To Ourselves' is about every artist’s inner creative drive, & the battles we have within ourselves to produce something worthy & meaningful…sure AI can already make amazing art and music now, but will it ever be able to recreate art, as the best of human beings do which are full of meaning & beauty & inspiration? It feels like the answer should be a clear resounding “No”. What will we do when it does?

"'Dagger Dance' is a primitive exemplification of the idea that playing with these new civilization changing technologies can be very dangerous and akin to playing with fire. The truth is we don’t really know what we are messing with when it comes to AI just yet and it’s full consequences on society at large.

"All the music on this record aims to reproduce the chaos, wonder, confusion and unpredictability the world of AI has brought us up until now. I have a feeling the music will serve as a good backdrop to the further insanity and unpredictability AI will bring us in the future."

The double-single follows the previously released 'The Cryptographer', a unique audio-visual online art experience, centred on the conversations around AI, DNA sequencing, and robotics. The artwork and entire visual design of 'The Cryptographer' was created by Pomegranate Tiger's AI system, depicting a futuristic world in which humans and AI merge together.

The video alone took five months of 24-hour AI generation, from around 10,000 uniquely highly-detailed AI-generated frames, each taking 20 minutes to create.

Watch: https://youtu.be/DR0F6MlY7Es

Such an approach is typical of the artist that is Pomegranate Tiger - a one-man tour-de-force of musical creativity and energy. Founded in 2010, Pomegranate Tiger (Martin Andres) released his first record, Entities, in 2013. Entities was an underground sensation, garnering millions of streams, and became the #1 metal bestseller on Bandcamp, and #11 best-selling album across all genres. The album also broke the iTunes Top 100 Rock albums chart.

Pomegranate Tiger soon followed the success of Entities with his 2015 album Boundless, which received praise from The Guardian, Total Guitar, Metal Injection, MetalSucks and more. Boundless became the #1 best-selling metal album for a number of weeks on Bandcamp and again broke the iTunes Top 100 Rock.

All Input Is Error carries the torch of Pomegranate Tiger's storied legacy, challenging musical conventions and embarking on a melodic odyssey and rhythmic stampede that transcends time. Pomegranate Tiger is set to captivate listeners with his unbridled creativity and unwavering dedication to pushing sonic and technological boundaries: and the new album is a typically heady, future-facing return from this one-of-a-kind brain.


1 Devils to Ourselves 
2 Dagger Dance 
3 The Great Filter 
4 Poison Pen 
5 The Cryptographer 
6 Metasphere 
7 Burn The Spirit 
8 False Dawn 
9 All Input Is Error 
10 Keyways