HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS - Announce New EP 'Lost Lights' Out 8th September Via Pure Noise Records / Video For New Single 'The Storm'

Hawthorne Heights have announced their brand new EP 'Lost Lights'. The EP is out on the 8th September 2023 via Pure Noise Records. Pre-orders are available - HERE. To celebrate the announcement the band have released brand new single and video 'The Storm'.

Speaking about the new single frontman JT Woodruff said: "The Storm was written in the middle of the night, deep in the throes of a worldwide shutdown, as I locked myself in a crimson red cabin in rural Ohio.

I needed to withdraw from the noise, in a world where everything was falling apart. No internet. No cable. No cell phone service. You truly have to be prepared for that type of silence. If you aren't comfortable inside your own head, the silence can swallow you whole. I welcomed it. I let the calm and quiet slowly drag me under. The only sound I could hear was the gentle roar of a creek that was behind the cabin, knifing through the desperate forest that I was purposefully lost in. It came to me as I was staring into the fire that was raging in an old timey, wood burning hearth. I tossed another log into it, and noticed how quickly it turned to embers, and how long it took for the embers to smoulder from orange to black. Within that darkest black, I saw what seemed to me like a bright future. I felt myself letting go of things that I didn't realise that I was hanging on to, and I immediately felt relief. I realiSed that I needed to set a fire inside of myself, and burn it down. I imagined what it would be like to stand on the ridge that was overlooking the cabin, and see the most beautiful fire that my eyes could register. The deepest orange of a thousand halloweens. The war at home is neverending."

"Lost Lights" Tracklisting:

1. The Storm 
2. Dandelions 
3. Lucerne Valley 
4. Empty 
5. We Were Never Lost

Hawthorne Heights is composed of JT Woodruff (Vocals, Guitar), Mark McMillon (Guitar, Backing Vocals), Matt Ridenour (Bass, Backing Vocals), Chris Popadak (Drums).

Throughout their long and storied career as one of the most iconic emo acts of the new millennium, the quartet have overcome obstacles at every turn – but these roadblocks always seemed to come from external forces, from unscrupulous record labels and the shifting whims of fickle audiences to unimaginable personal tragedy threatening to derail them.

Despite the odds, Hawthorne Heights have overcome it all: earning two Gold albums (2004’s The Silence In Black And White and 2006’s If Only You Were Lonely), penning some of the genre’s most well-known songs (“Ohio Is For Lovers,” “Saying Sorry”), and remaining a hard-touring act nearly two decades after forming in Dayton, Ohio.