DEVITALIZED - Recruit CHELSEA GRIN’s Tom Barber For Unrelenting Single “Godslayer”

Massachusetts multi-genre metal outfit Devitalized have recruited Chelsea Grin’s Tom Barber for what is sure to be one of the hardest hitting deathcore collaborations of the year in “Godslayer” - a must-hear for any fan of the genre.

“Godslayer” is a relentless Elden Ring-inspired track that combines elements of deathcore, slam, and hardcore to showcase the raw musicianship of this talented young band. Featuring one of the most recognizable names in the deathcore genre, Tom Barber brings the same ferocious intensity to “Godslayer” as he does any of his own musical projects. Having opened for Chelsea Grin at the Worcester date of their Suffer In Heaven // Suffer In Hell Tour, it was only a matter of time before Devitalized and Chelsea Grin crossed paths again, and we’re all to benefit from it.

Vocalist John-Paul Ratta describes the band’s excitement leading into this single release, “Not only do I think this is the best song we’ve created, but everyone that has been a part of this truly brought it to life; this isn’t just a feature, it’s a full on collaboration. Godslayer is Chelsea Grin, Darko US, and Devitalized if they had a baby. A mix of deathcore, slam, and hardcore, and in my humble opinion, this is the next big thing, not just the song but the sound. I want to thank Chelsea Grin, Tom Barber, and all the producers, engineers, and studio friends that helped create this track. I promise there’s more like this to come.”

“Godslayer” is accompanied by an official music video that premiered via Slam Worldwide, securing it as the cornerstone single to be released in anticipation of the band’s upcoming album State of Aggression. Due out later this year, the album will also feature previous singles “X_X,” “Deep Cuts,” and “False Reality.”